DARE to relegalize all drugs - D.A.R.E. TO RELEGALIZE ALL DRUGS dare to re-legalize all drugs end police violence relegalize immediately relegalize all drugs - DARE TO RELEGALIZE ALL DRUGS - D.A.R.E. to re-legalize all drugs

RAD - Re-Legalize ALL Drugs

  Some comments from Mikel Weisser and Safer Arizona about RAD or Relegalize All Drugs https://www.facebook.com/mikel.weisser/posts/10206496886250315?comment_id=10206514560532161¬if_t=comment_mention --- It seems like some people are starting to call RAD a government plot to prevent marijuana from being legalized. Here is are some posts from Betsy Haas Senn on that. --- Betsy Haas Senn I read those 2 initiatives for legalization and re-legalization. Sounds to me like that RAD initiative could pose a real problem. With its "unlimited" this and "unlimited" that and allowing smoking marijuana in public, no restrictions for where it can be grown, not taxing it, allowing anybody to sell or resell, and legalizing ALL drugs - that's gonna get alot of "regular" voters to vote against anybody's legalizing initiative.......it's almost as tho' this RAD is actually trying to stop the legalization of marijuana, almost like a government propaganda against it. We gotta make real sure that people know the difference between MPP and RAD.....or am I just being paranoid? --- Betsy Haas Senn Of course, it'd be great, really great, to have no limits, no restrictions on smoking or growing or buying marijuana, like in the RAD Initiative. But that's not gonna fly......Regular voters (Non-potheads) aren't gonna go for that......in fact, they'll be so turned-off and scared, that they'll vote NO for any legalization That RAD initiative has gotta be put out by the government or those against legalization - for the very purpose of defeating any legalization. We've got our work cut-out to convince and prove that the MPP's initiative is healthy, safe and beneficial.  


RAD - Re-legalize ALL Drugs