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Campaign Finance Committees
Secretary of State Arizona Elections

  Here is some information on the committee we formed for the 2018 initiatives to legalize marijuana and or all drugs.

I think the government's official title for this stuff is Campaign Finance committees.

I suspect because of the 2016 initiatives we filed to legalize marijuana and heroin they actually changed the law to make it harder for us to file theise initiatives.

We also are filing some initiatives to protect the public from crooked police officers.

Here is their elections page

Here is the link that will get you to Electronic Campaign Finance Filing
And here is the link that you need to Create a new Committee.

To do that you need to select

Political Action Committee
And then visit this link:

I formed 4 committees to handle the finances for the folks who are doing RAD initiatives. They are:

E-MailNameID NumberPDF Document
radpac001@...RAD Final 1201800149pdf_files/rad1.pdf
radpac002@...RAD Final 2201800150pdf_files/rad2.pdf
radpac003@...RAD Final 3201800151pdf_files/rad3.pdf
I created the committees on Saturday, March 18, 2017 on via the internet.

I hope to get the documents signed and notarized on Sunday March 19, 2017.

I hope to file the documents with the Arizona Secretary of State Elections on Monday March 20, 2017.

I filed the PAC committe paper work on Wed, March 22, 2017 a little after 1 p.m. 1) Thanks Mike for notarizing all the stuff for the "Political Action Committees" for RAD or Relegalize All Drugs. Those committees are:

RAD Final 1 - id RADPAC001@...........com
RAD Final 2 - id RADPAC002@...........com
RAD Final 3 - id RADPAC003@...........com
The first 2 are for Mike and Mickey and the final one is for Travis.

If Travis wants he can ask me and we will set a password so he can use the 3rd committed or RAD Final 3.

You can log into to the 3 items on the Arizona Secretary of State's web page. Ask me how to do that.

2) But in this case we didn't need to notarize anything. They only need to be notarized for that last item, which we didn't do. The last item or box 3 is "standing committees". I don't know what the hell a "standing committee" is.

3) The committees we created are good for any number of initiatives. So I guess I would have used one committee for both the RAD marijuana initiative and the RAD all drugs initiative.

The guy said the law was changed in 2016 and prior to that you have to have a unique separate committee for each initiative you filed.

4) I filed both the RAD initiatives. Both are Constitutional initiatives.

RAD Marijuana Initiative - I-14-2018

RAD All Drugs Initiative - I-13-2018

They both need 150,642 valid signatures to get on the ballot.

The signatures need to be turned in by July 5, 2018

It looks like the guy gave me the wrong numbers. Maybe. I filed the form out identical to the RAD 2016 initiative and those numbers were:

rather then
I think that Constitutional initiatives begin with C- rather then I-.

Also Constitutional initiatives require a few more signatures. Last time around the RAD initiatives required 225,963 signatures as opposed to the 150,642 signatures he wrote on my application.

I guess I will have to call the idiot and verify if this is wrong or correct.

5) The guy at the Arizona Secretary of State's Election Department office was a real *sshole.

He told me the forms we filled out and had notarized could not be used because they had hand writing on them. He told me I had to reprint them out, have them signed again, and then turned in again.

He also told me that I could not use the 100 word summary for each initiative because it was attached as a separate document or piece of paper and on the application it said "See attached 100 word summary". The jerk said I had to re-fill out the application and write the 100 word summary on it.

It was almost as if I was talking to Sergeant David Stephen Wisniewski, the guy who runs Safer Arizona and treated me like sh*t while I was in Safer Arizona. A lot of times Sergeant Dave just doesn't get it.

I told him that was complete BS and that I wanted to talk to his boss.

He gave me the line of BS that he was the head of the election department and he was the final boss on it.

I told him that I wanted to see whoever was his boss and again gave him some logical reason on why what he was saying sounded like complete and total BS. He disappeared for about 15 minutes and then came back and said we could do it my way.

  Filing papers for RAD Final 1 front made on march 19, 2017

Filing papers for RAD Final 1 rear made on march 19, 2017

Filing papers for RAD Final 2 front made on march 19, 2017

Filing papers for RAD Final 2 rear made on march 19, 2017

Filing papers for RAD Final 3 front made on march 19, 2017

Filing papers for RAD Final 3 rear made on march 19, 2017



RAD - Re-legalize ALL Drugs