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Sensible Drug Policy and Students for Liberty

  I am with a group called RAD, which stands for Re-legalize All Drugs and I saw your two groups on the mall today at ASU in Tempe with booths talking about re-legalizing all drugs.

Those two groups were Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Students for Liberty.

On Jan 26, 2015 RAD filed two initiatives with the Arizona Secretary of State which we hope to get on the 2016 ballot.

The first initiative is number C-02-2016 and asks the voters re-legalize marijuana in the 2016 election.

The second initiative is number C-03-2016 and asks the voters re-legalize ALL drugs in the 2016 election.

Both initiatives call for full blown legalization of either marijuana or all drugs.

Both initiatives forbid the government from taxing or regulating in any way either marijuana or all drugs including marijuana.

Both initiatives order the government to pardon and clear the records of all people who have been arrested for either marijuana or for any victimless drug war crime.

Both initiatives tell the government that drugs, if they are are problem should be a medical problem, not a criminal problem and order the government to stop jailing people for victimless drug war crimes.

It seems like bother of our groups have a some common goals when it comes to the insane and unconstitutional “War on Drugs”.

If your groups have booths on the ASU mall on a regular basis perhaps you could help us circulate our petitions to re-legalize both marijuana and all other drugs.

It would be even more helpful if your groups could help us recruit people to circulate either or both of our initiatives to re-legalize marijuana or all drugs in Arizona.

Even if our petitions don't get on the ballot, we will succeed in blazing the path towards re-legalizing all drugs in the future. This is an educational effort and we need to educate the people of Arizona and the people of American that it's time to end the insane, immoral and senseless war on drugs and re-legalize all drugs.

If you would like us to talk you your groups about our initiatives we will gladly come speak to you.

You can contact us at

e-mail: relegalize420@gmail.com

Phone: (602)492-4201 – Mike Shipley

Here is a copy of our initiative to completely re-legalize marijuana in Arizona.

The initiative to re-legalize heroin, cocaine, marijuana and all other drugs is identical, the only changes being that the word marijuana has been replaced with text saying all other drugs.




1. The state of Arizona shall recognize that marijuana and marijuana abuse are NOT criminal problems to be solved by arresting people and putting them in prison, fining them and seizing their assets.

2. The state of Arizona shall recognize that marijuana and marijuana abuse are medical problems that are to be solved by the person who uses the marijuana. It is NOT the government's job to solve people's marijuana problems.

3. Government entities in the state of Arizona shall not tax, regulate, control, or pass any laws governing the use, smoking, consumption, drinking, injecting, sale, transfer, growth, cultivating, manufacture, production, storage, possession, transportation, or importation of marijuana or any of the chemicals in any marijuana plant.

4. Nor shall any city, county, state or other government agency or government entity in Arizona assist other government agencies, such as the Federal government, foreign governments, Indian governments or other state governments in enforcing their laws against marijuana.

5. Nor shall any government entity in the state of Arizona pass any regulations discriminating against people or entities that use use, smoke, consume, drink, inject, sell, transfer, grow, cultivate, manufacture, produce, store, possess, transport, or import marijuana.

6. For this initiative the word marijuana refers to any form of marijuana, marijuana products, cannabis or hemp and includes concentrated forms such as hashish, hash oil, wax and shatter.

7. Any person arrested or convicted of any marijuana offense in the past shall automatically have their criminal record cleared for those charges and automatically receive a full pardon for those charges.

8. Any person arrested for any marijuana offense in the past who accepted a plea bargain for reduced charges shall automatically have their criminal record cleared for those reduced charges and automatically receive a full pardon for those reduced charges.

9. The state of Arizona shall not extradite a person to another state or country if the person could be charged with marijuana crimes which would be legal in Arizona.

10. Any government employee, police officer or prosecutor that interferes with a persons marijuana rights defined in this initiative shall be personally and civilly liable to each person for each incident for a minimum of $1 million in damages or 10 times the actual amount of damages which ever is greater. There shall be no immunity to police offices or prosecutors who claim to be "acting in good faith" or other reasons.

11. This constitutional amendment will not effect the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act which shall continue to exist in parallel.

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