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Explain differences between 3 different initiatives

  I am with a group called RAD, which stands for Re-legalize All Drugs.

RAD recently filed two initiatives to

1) re-legalize marijuana in Arizona and to

2) re-legalize ALL drugs in Arizona.

In this election cycle there will probably be 3 groups circulating petitions to re-legalize marijuana.

We suspect that RAD will be the ONLY group circulating a petition to re-legalize marijuana and ALL drugs, in addition to our petition to re-legalize marijuana only.

Perhaps your newspaper could help us in two ways.

1) Tell your readers about our petitions so they can sign them

2) Explain to your readers the differences between the petitions the 3 different groups are circulating

RAD wants to totally re-legalize drugs. Not because we enjoy getting stoned but because the drug war has been a dismal failure for the last 100 years and we think drugs should be a medical problem which can be treated, not a criminals problem which people are locked in prison for.

On Jan 26, 2015 RAD filed two initiatives with the Arizona Secretary of State which we hope to get on the 2016 ballot.

The first initiative is number C-02-2016 and asks the voters re-legalize only marijuana in the 2016 election.

The second initiative is number C-03-2016 and asks the voters re-legalize ALL drugs including marijuana in the 2016 election.

Both initiatives tell the government that drug abuse or just marijuana abuse should be a medical problem, not a CRIMINAL problem and that the government should stop putting people in prison for drug abuse.

Both initiatives call for full blown legalization of either marijuana or all drugs.

Both initiatives forbid the government from taxing or regulating in any way either marijuana or all drugs including marijuana.

Both initiatives order the government to pardon and clear the records of all people who have been arrested for either marijuana or for any victimless drug war crime.

If you would like us to talk you your groups about our initiatives we will gladly come speak to you.

You can contact us at e-mail: relegalize420@gmail.com Phone: (602)492-4201 – Mike Shipley Here is a copy of our initiative to completely re-legalize marijuana in Arizona.

The initiative to re-legalize heroin, cocaine, marijuana and all other drugs is identical, the only changes being that the word marijuana has been replaced with text saying all other drugs.


1. The state of Arizona shall recognize that marijuana and marijuana abuse are NOT criminal problems to be solved by arresting people and putting them in prison, fining them and seizing their assets.

2. The state of Arizona shall recognize that marijuana and marijuana abuse are medical problems that are to be solved by the person who uses the marijuana. It is NOT the government's job to solve people's marijuana problems.

3. Government entities in the state of Arizona shall not tax, regulate, control, or pass any laws governing the use, smoking, consumption, drinking, injecting, sale, transfer, growth, cultivating, manufacture, production, storage, possession, transportation, or importation of marijuana or any of the chemicals in any marijuana plant.

4. Nor shall any city, county, state or other government agency or government entity in Arizona assist other government agencies, such as the Federal government, foreign governments, Indian governments or other state governments in enforcing their laws against marijuana.

5. Nor shall any government entity in the state of Arizona pass any regulations discriminating against people or entities that use use, smoke, consume, drink, inject, sell, transfer, grow, cultivate, manufacture, produce, store, possess, transport, or import marijuana.

6. For this initiative the word marijuana refers to any form of marijuana, marijuana products, cannabis or hemp and includes concentrated forms such as hashish, hash oil, wax and shatter.

7. Any person arrested or convicted of any marijuana offense in the past shall automatically have their criminal record cleared for those charges and automatically receive a full pardon for those charges.

8. Any person arrested for any marijuana offense in the past who accepted a plea bargain for reduced charges shall automatically have their criminal record cleared for those reduced charges and automatically receive a full pardon for those reduced charges.

9. The state of Arizona shall not extradite a person to another state or country if the person could be charged with marijuana crimes which would be legal in Arizona.

10. Any government employee, police officer or prosecutor that interferes with a persons marijuana rights defined in this initiative shall be personally and civilly liable to each person for each incident for a minimum of $1 million in damages or 10 times the actual amount of damages which ever is greater. There shall be no immunity to police offices or prosecutors who claim to be "acting in good faith" or other reasons.

11. This constitutional amendment will not effect the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act which shall continue to exist in parallel.

Here is a link to a web page with copies of the initiative as filed with the Arizona Secretary of State: http://relegalize.100webspace.net/images_filing_papers/images_filing.html We are also on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RADArizona There will probably be 3 groups circulating petitions to re-legalize marijuana in Arizona in this election cycle.

Or course our group was the first group to file our initiatives. Our initiative to re-legalize marijuana is only 11 lines long. Same for the initiative to re-legalize all drugs.

Safer Arizona, whom we consider good guys will probably also be circulating a petition to re-legalize marijuana in Arizona.

Their last initiative allows a lot of government regulation of marijuana.

Their last initiative also limits the the amount of marijuana you can posses (2.5 ounces) and the number of plants you can grow.

The Safer Arizona petition from the last election cycle can be seen here. It is a 7 pages long compared to the 11 lines of the RAD petition.




MPP or Marijuana Policy Project will also probably be circulating petitions in Arizona to re-legalize marijuana. We consider MPP to be the bad guys.

Personally I think the MPP initiative is an oxymoron, because it doesn't really re-legalize marijuana other then allowing people to smoke it and possess small amounts. Basically the MPP initiative creates a government monopoly for the dispensaries on growing and selling marijuana so they can sell it to us consumers at $300+ an ounce off prices.

RAD thinks that if marijuana is completely legalize a pound of marijuana won't cost more then a pound of potatoes or tomatoes.

The RAD initiation will eliminate the black market sales of illegal marijuana.

Currently a black market flourishes for medical marijuana in Arizona and recreationa marijuana in Washington and Colorado, with legal marijuana selling for $300+ and ounce, while black market marijuana sells for much less.

I have only read the 1st draft of it.

The first draft only allows people to possess one ounce of marijuana.

The first draft only allows people to grow 6 marijuana plants.

The first draft charges some hefty taxes for any business that wants to get into the marijuana business. I think the lowest initial tax is $5,000 and maxes out at $30,000. We suspect this is designed to prevent small businesses from entering the marijuana business.

The first draft still allows people to be put in jail for marijuana crimes.

The first draft creates a huge government bureaucracy to regulate marijuana in Arizona.

They came out with a final draft yesterday, but I have not read it, nor do I have a copy I can give you.

If you are going to read it get a bottle of aspirin (if you are not a medical marijuana patient) and plan to spend a couple hours re-reading and analyzing.

Here is a link to my copy of the MPP initiative:




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