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RAD vs Safer Arizona - Initial notes

  Safer Arizona initiate - I-12-2018
Page 2, item F.2 - 3-3701. Definitions
Could a John Deere tractor be considered a marijuana assessory??
Page 3 - E.1 - 3-3702
People under 21 can't grow marijuana
Page 3 - E.4 - 3-3702
You can only grow 48 plants that are in a state of efflorescence/inflorescence
Page 3 - E.4 - 3-3702
You can only have a "home garden" if you get a sales tax license or transaction privilege tax license.
Page 3 - E.5 - 3-3702
You can't sell the marijuana you grow??? You can only give it away?
Page 3 - E.6 - 3-3702
To have a commercial grow, you must get a transaction privilege tax license.
Page 3 - G - 3-3702
Commercial grows, home gardens and sales of marijuana are not allowed within 1000 feet of a school
Page 3 - H - 3-3702
You can't grow marijuana if its visible from a public place by the naked eye from ground level.
Page 3 item A - 3-3705
Local governments can pass zoning laws that limit the growing of marijuana and selling of marijuana. OK reasonable zoning. I suspect reasonable isn't defined and it will mean you will have to hire Tom Dean if a govenrment entity writes a law you don't think is reasonable. see Title 9, Chapter 4, Article 6.1 Title 11, Chapter 6, Article 2
Page 4 item F - 3-3705
local governments can require that you get special licenses to operate a marijuana business. I suspect this will be used to prohibit marijuana business. The local government can call it a business, occupational or sales tax license. I don't think the local government can charge outrageous fees for the license. But I do think the local government can make outrageous demands to get the license
Page 4 item I sections 1 thru 5 - 3-3706
These items could drive up the cost of marijuana by requiring testing for THC levels, spore counts, and pesticides.
Page 4 A - 3-3706
People under 21 can't have marijuana or be sold it
Page 4 B - 3-3706
You have to get a sales tax license to sell marijuana, or oppeate a marijuana business
Page 4 A - 3-3707
People under 21 cant be involved in a marijuana business
Page 4 B - 3-3707
You can't sell marijuana to a person less then 21 years old
Page 4 C - 3-3707
People under 21 can't buy, grow, use or sell marijuana
page 5 b.1
people who have been convicted of marijuana crimes have to request a judge to modify their sentence. It's not automatic. The court has 30/60 days to do this.
Page 5 C- 3-3711
You have to ask the court to expunge your record. It's not automatic
page 6 B - F - 3-3712
You can be fined $500 to $2500 for selling marijuana to a minor
Page 6 C.1-3 - 3-3713
marijuana is forbidden in school buses, government buildings and prisons (except college campuses)
Page 6 D 1-2 - 3-3713
Smoking marijuana is forbidden in government buildings and prisons


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