DARE to relegalize all drugs - D.A.R.E. TO RELEGALIZE ALL DRUGS dare to re-legalize all drugs end police violence relegalize immediately relegalize all drugs - DARE TO RELEGALIZE ALL DRUGS - D.A.R.E. to re-legalize all drugs

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RAD – Relegalize All Drugs

RAD stands for Relegalize All Drugs.

RAD has 2 initiatives, one to legalize marijuana, one to legalize all drugs

LEAP also wants to legalize all drugs

Think the RAD position on legalizing all drugs is crazy? Then talk to the cops at LEAP or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. These hard-nosed cops want to legalize ALL drugs too. See their website at HTTP://LEAP.CC

RAD doesn't encourage recreational drug use

While RAD supports legalizing all drugs, RAD doesn't support or encourage recreational drug use

RAD does not support drunk or stoned driving

Under the RAD initiative the government is allowed to forbid drunk or stoned driving.

Drug abuse is a medical problem, not a criminal problem

We don't put people in prison who have problems with tobacco, caffeine or alcohol use. And we shouldn't be putting people in prison who have problems with other drugs which are currently illegal. These people should be allowed to get medical or psychological treatment for their problems.

Just because some people abuse a drug doesn't mean that drug should be illegal for everybody. That's unfair.

RAD thinks if you have a drug problem, it's your responsibility to pay for your medical expenses to treat the problem, not the governments.

Drugs don't cause crime, the laws against drugs cause crime.

Outrageously expensive black market drug prices cause people to steal for drugs.

Police corruption is causes by outrageously expensive black market drug prices.

Lower the cost of marijuana from $4,800 a pound or $300 an ounce to $3 a pound and all the stealing people do to get marijuana will disappear overnight. Note the MPP initiative will not fix this problem. Because of the limited number of stores allowed in the MPP initiatives in states where MPP has passed recreational or medical marijuana laws, marijuana is selling for $4,800 a pound and the black market thrives.

Drug dealers don't use the government courts to solve their business problems. Drug dealers use murder, gun battles, kidnappings and extortion to solve their business problems.

Pushers selling dope to school children on street corners. No Way!!!!

Some people think that if drugs are legalized pushers will be selling dope to school kids on street corners. That's absolute rubbish.

When drugs are legalized people will buy their drugs at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Fry's, Safeway, Circle K and 7/11.

These business can make big bucks selling anything at razor thin margins.

And these stores will put the local drug dealers and the cartels out of business. Drug dealers and cartels won't waste their time selling generic consumer products at low profit margins.

Ending the war on drugs will save taxpayers billions of dollars in taxes.

The ACLU says 50% of all arrests in American are for victim less marijuana crimes.

According to the US Bureau of Prisons 51% of the people in Federal prisons are there for victim less drug war crimes. 80% of those are in Federal prisons for simple possession of an illegal drug.

Ending the war on drugs will make America a free country again.

America jails more people per capita then any other country in the world.

America has more people in prison then any other county in the world.

A huge number of those are people who committed victim less drug war crime.

Parents need to teach kids family values, not cops

RAD thinks it's the job of parents to teach their kids family values.

If parents think it's wrong for their children to use caffeine, cigarettes, liquor, birth control pills, condoms, marijuana or other drugs it should be the responsibility of the parents to teach those values to their children. The same for things like premarital sex and going to church.

It shouldn't be the job of the police and government to replace parents.

That's why the RAD initiatives don't have any age limits in them.

RAD – Relegalize All Drugs





RAD - Re-legalize ALL Drugs