Here are some links to the video they shot at the Republic Party meeting out in Mesa where Sheriff Richard Mack talked and the 3 groups who are trying to legalize marijuana talked about their initiatives.

The name of the meeting was "Arizona Legislative District 26 Republicans" and it was on Tuesday, August 11 at 6:30pm in Mesa, Arizona.

Despite being a cop Sheriff Richard Mack seems to be a good guy.

Years ago Sheriff Richard Mack told the Feds to f*ck off when it came to enforcing Federal laws against guns in his Arizona county, which I think is Graham County

At this meeting I talked to him and he said he is a member of LEAP, which is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. That's a group of cops that want to legalize not just marijuana, but all drugs.

The LEAP website is at:

Sheriff Mack thinks the drug war is a failure and wants to re-legalize drugs. While he thinks drugs should be re-legalized he doesn't use drugs or condone drunk or stoned driving.

Sheriff Mack is also against gun control.



RAD - Re-legalize ALL Drugs